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Your wedding day should be fun-filled and memorable for you and your guest since it is usually a unique day in your life. In this regard, you need to be careful when making a wedding event hire. One of the hires in that you will need to make sure you are entertained that day is a wedding DJ hire Birmingham. This is because the DJ can make a wedding colourful or it may turn to be just a boring day because you hired the wrong DJ for your wedding day. Here are some of the tricks you must apply to make sure you get the best wedding DJ hire Birmingham.

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Does Your Wedding DJ Specialise In Weddings?

When you want to hire a wedding DJ in Birmingham, you must first make sure that the DJ is familiar with performing in wedding events.

This is because a wedding event is unique from all other events and needs a specialised DJ who knows the type of music to play in a wedding setting. Therefore, you must first ask the DJ if he has any previous experience. If you hire a DJ without knowledge of how to handle wedding guests, you risk having a boring day, whereas the day is supposed to be the best in your life.

Let the DJ show you some of the clients he has performed for previously. If it is possible, you might want to confirm with the referenced clients that the DJ actually did a good job on their wedding day

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Give the DJ A List of Your Favourite Music Selection

After deciding on a wedding DJ hire Birmingham, you need to let the DJ know the kind of music you need to be played at the wedding. This is to ensure you have a spectacular show during your wedding day.

The DJ will prepare well before the wedding day and make sure you have a customised playlist. Because the DJ will be working with an MC, they need to agree which music is playing at each time to make sure that you enjoy.

The DJ and the MC need to agree prior to the wedding day so as to ensure the music flows in the right order as per the turn of events.

Brief the DJ on the Number of Guests You Expect At the Wedding Reception

When you want to hire a wedding DJ in Birmingham, you need to be aware of the number of guests you expect and also their age bracket. If you expect him to provide the sound equipment, he must have an idea of the number of people that will be attending the wedding reception.

This is important for the DJ because he will be able to determine the right number and the capacity of the sound equipment he needs to have at the wedding reception. Some clients make a mistake of not making this communication and it very important.

Imagine a situation where the Deejay turns out with Small range sound equipment whereas you expect a huge turnout? Things will not go well.

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Confirm That the Deejay Offers All the Services You Need

A wedding event hire will go wrong if you don’t confirm that the deejay offers all the services that you need. These include things like musical band, lighting and video screens and several others. If the Deejay does not have them all, he will prepare in advance and get them, or you may prefer going for a Deejay who has all the equipment needed.

Before settling on a wedding DJ hire in Birmingham, make sure you go for a DJ with experience in handling wedding events, and also a DJ who will offer all the services that you need.

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